Software developers are in great demand. But there are now more vacancies than qualified personnel. Why is it that a well-paid and future-proof profession like that of the developer or developer is often difficult to fill with suitable applicants? Is it the image that one has of “programmers”? Are developers really those nerds you know from sitcoms? Quite funny, but also a bit weird?

We want to take a closer look at the most common prejudices and ask ourselves:


Prejudice # 2: Developers are shy!

In our first part, we highlighted the prejudice that developers would prefer to work at night . In fact, there is a lot of truth behind it. The reason is, among other things, that you can work undisturbed and concentrated at night, during which your colleagues like to “disturb” during the day and thus interrupt the flow.

In a similar vein beats our second prejudice. But does the isolation really have something to do with the fear of others? Are developers about sociopaths and must this be considered as an employer in the job description?

Social skills instead of being a hermit

Software development is teamwork. Whether with the colleagues, project managers or directly with the customers – as a developer you are in regular contact with all project participants. If you work – and this has become standard – in an agile project environment, the exchange in the team, with project managers or product developers is standardized and timed. In Dailys, the team members discuss the status quo of the project. The better the social skills, the easier and more effective this exchange.

The first impression

And that should already show in the application process for a job as a software developer. Companies are looking for personalities who, in addition to their professional competence, also have a certain amount of social competence. So good communication skills, assertiveness, team spirit, etc. The better you present this social skills in the first interview, the higher the probability of getting the job.

Nerds Vs. team Player

Nevertheless: Especially the preference for abstract thinking and the “communication” in codes are often the basis for special humor, complicated joke shirts and unusual hobbies. The IT nerd as a lovable, gifted nerd with social deficits is firmly in our prejudice drawer. But this picture is changing. Nerds are no longer the shy computer geeks, but self-confident, successful people who assign a completely new, cool and attractive meaning to the classic nerd term. Nerds are team players in this sense, the ones that make our digital product needs a reality in collaboration with product developers, designers, graphic artists, project managers and customers.

So what’s wrong with the prejudice?

Rather little. The image of the shy nerd does not fit (anymore) in our time. Companies work transparently and their teams with them. As a developer you are in regular contact with all project participants. People communicate with each other through PM tools, participate in meetings and presentations, and educate themselves in the team and beyond. Hermit crabs and sociopaths would have a very bad situation here.