Salary Vs. Benefits: What devs really want

Developers are increasingly in demand: There is hardly a company that has not become part of the digital world. And there are more and more industries losing sales to digital markets. An automobile today contains as much software as a complex computer game. Banks, fashion labels, tourism professionals: Everyone wants their own app. Development in software development is progressing rapidly.

pictures in my head

However, some things change only slowly: no other professional group has been and still receives as many attributions and clichés as the software developers. And the images of codenden geeks and nerds leaving their darkened office for a game at the jigsaw table are still buzzing in their minds. But they should get out of there quickly, because these pictures have long ceased to be reality.

The topic content for Developer

Know-how is in demand in software development.

  • At the age of 25, Developers earn an average of over € 33,000 a year,
  • at the age of 30 years to 49,000 euros.
  • Experienced developers over 40 can earn annual salaries of more than € 70,000 gross per year.

Nevertheless, in most cases you will not just become a developer to make a living. For many, the job is more of a combination of passion and addiction.

Criteria that count

Not only Money makes the world go round. If you want to get really good software developers for your business, you have to offer more than hard Euros . The vision and the brand that a company stands for is important to developers, the atmosphere in the team too, developers have fine antennas. And the technologies and programming languages used in the company are scrutinized by candidates. Opportunities for further development and the opportunity to take responsibility in projects are also well received. Access to open source is also an important decision criterion for developers.

Freedom comes

Smart companies have understood that they let software developers work best how they want it and how the respective project demands it – be it at home in the home office or in the company, alone or in a team. One thing remains certain: their own niche, where they can encode undisturbed, is important to developers; an open-plan office is a no-go in Dev circles.

Everything for the “flow”

One thing is known: when developers are “in flow”, they like to program days (and nights). For this they also take sufficient time compensation – work-life balance is an important topic. The choice of equipment or operating system should better leave the company to the developers themselves. And whether a jigsaw table is in the foyer or not, is actually a minor matter.

You do not want some job, but the ideals?

Basically, software developers are “spoiled for choice” when it comes to finding a job. You can easily find a job.

Finding the perfect offer for individual skills and ambitions quickly turns out to be a cumbersome and lengthy procedure. This is especially true if you do not just want to use the salary as a decision criterion.

More than just jobs – these are the current perspectives for developers

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