What Is Agile

What Is Agile?

Agile is a framework that allows teams to work iteratively. It helps to ensure that each feature is in line with business and stakeholder goals, feasible to produce and meets user needs. It also focuses on communication and collaboration. It supports teams to deliver a working solution to customers in short iterations, using tools like

data room service

Virtual Data Room Selection Process for Lawyers

With the virtual data room for lawyers, the company has the right to independently develop the procedure for electronic document management and choose software for its operation. What Lawyers Should Pay Attention to While VDR Selection? The structure and organization of the data room system for lawyers are influenced by such factors as: The system

Implementing the Solution oriented Mindset

Both “tech savvy” and “developer centric” professionals identify with the “Solution-oriented” mindset. Often times, some of us have difficulty in getting in the mindset of a professional solution-oriented developer. In contrast, those who are tech savvy are often quick to jump into a problem solving mode when confronted with challenges. So what’s the difference? Let’s

Demands to IT developers these days

The demand for developers is growing. Even career changers have a good chance because the overall package will be based on technical know-how, experience and soft skills. Whether you are a graduate or a trainee, the following skills should be brought to you today by IT developers. Developers are communicative Alexandra-Irina Nicolae, IT project manager

Your Solutions Will Create Success

learn more and Solution-Oriented Mindset is a book that teaches how to create business relationships that will lead to success. I have not heard much of this kind of business-mindset literature, so it was a welcome surprise for me.    In a business relationship, the people in the business are the people you are in