Demands to IT developers these days

The demand for developers is growing. Even career changers have a good chance because the overall package will be based on technical know-how, experience and soft skills. Whether you are a graduate or a trainee, the following skills should be brought to you today by IT developers.

Developers are communicative

Alexandra-Irina Nicolae, IT project manager of Neofonie, says: “Colleague has a problem, how can I help? Let’s take a look together, show me?!” Although learning to practice is the goal of any course of study, experts often encounter unsolvable problems in their professional environment. Computer scientists should have the strength to ask for help and formulate. Offering or soliciting help is one of the essential quality features of a developer. This strength also shows a healthy self-confidence that is required in the industry.


The developer of today should simply explain his colleagues’ ideas, concepts and problems to them and can purposefully discuss possible solutions, which must be work in interdisciplinary teams. Karsten Rieger, Senior Frontend Developer at Neofonie , says: “From our point of view, interdisciplinary skills are becoming increasingly important.” A team of high-level specialists who are deeply rooted in their domains can not or do not want to look beyond their own Boundaries will never be able to work as a team. “


The developer as a team player


To act as a closed team is important. Admitting mistakes and expressing self-criticism is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary – looking at self-critical skills and adopting new behaviors is more in demand in the IT sector than ever before. There is no longer an expert, there are countless experts within a company as well, because cohesion, mutual support and not lone fighters counts.


In addition, the Clean Code Developer initiative has set virtues that a team-oriented developer should definitely demonstrate. Teamplay begins with the code semantics, as is also Christian Springsguth, System Architect of Neofonie, sure: “It is important for a developer that he can express an intention with the code. The code has to reveal why something is done. This is usually more important than revealing how something is done. This is a prerequisite for the code to be understood and developed by others. “


Developers think solution-oriented


Software projects are rapidly developing into gauntleting. The customer reacts to changes in the market during the project phase and occasionally demands costly adjustments in the software. To refuse in such situations is simply the wrong way. The IT specialist needs to be able to empathize with customers and identify alternatives when it comes to improving a software product or fixing any issues. Malte Cornils, Senior System Architect at Neofonie, points out that developers in customer contact must be able to answer the questions “How do I explain the solution to the customer?” And “What are the pros and cons?” ,


Developers never learn


The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said “Nothing is as constant as change” – this is also true for the software industry. Anyone who wants to play in the programming elite must constantly orient themselves to the market requirements and continue their education, be it programming languages , frameworks, web technologies or shop systems. Malte Cornils, Senior System Architect, also confirms this: “Openness to learning is a must-have, which beats individual knowledge of technology. However, organizational and technical experiences are of course at least as important. “


Karsten Rieger pleads for the courage to fill the gap, it is not necessary to know everything in detail, but much more requires openness and curiosity in order to get to know other disciplines. The will to communicate and not least a pinch of humor sometimes help you not to take yourself too seriously in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If one then manages to keep an eye on the overall picture of product requirements in order to keep track. In this case, you would also be a top candidate for employment as a developer. Accordingly, the team idea also plays an essential role in learning.